Evangelical Church

If you arrive in Sibiu, do not miss the Evangelical Church, one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, governor of Transylvania, is buried here. The cathedral, located in Huet Square, impresses with its Gothic architecture, being considered one of the most beautiful churches in Transylvania.

Stairs Passage

Passage of the Stairs – the passage with the oldest restaurant in Romania Also known as the Needle Wall, the Passage is one of the tourist attractions of Sibiu that still retains its medieval atmosphere. It is built of brick and stone and connects the Lower City and the Upper City through the branches of stairs and arches.

Council Tower

Council Tower – the characteristic symbol of the city of Sibiu. In Sibiu, the Council Tower is located between the two important squares of the city and has always been considered a representative symbol of the city. It is a tourist attraction that visitors to the city do not miss because on the top floor of the tower is an observation point over the entire city of Sibiu

The Fortifications of Sibiu

The fortification of the city of Sibiu began in the first decades of the century. XIII.

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Thalia Concert Hall

The Bridge of Lies

The Bridge of Lies (Romanian: Podul Minciunilor, German: Lügenbrücke) is a legendary pedestrian bridge located in the center of Sibiu. There are many legends surrounding the bridge because of its name. It is the first cast iron bridge built in Romania and the second one built in Europe.

Located in the Lesser Square of Sibiu, the bridge crosses Strada Ocnei to connect the Lesser Square to the Huet Square.

The Great Square

The Great Square in Sibiu (Großer Ring) is the central square of Sibiu, existing since 1366, with the completion of the third belts of fortifications of the city. Maior Circulus vulgariter Kornmargt (“The Great Ring, the people’cereals market”) is attested as such in a document from 1408. It is the largest public square in the old town and witnessed the economic activities of merchants in Sibiu. It organizes citizen assemblies, fairs and even executions.

Brukenthal Museum

The Brukenthal National Museum is a museum in Sibiu, established in the late 18th century by Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803) in his city palace. Baron Brukenthal, governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania has established his first collections around 1790. The collections were officially opened to the public in 1817, making the museum the oldest institution of its kind on the territory of modern-day Romania. https://www.brukenthalmuseum.ro/index_en.html

ASTRA Museum

Located in the center of Romania, in Sibiu, the ASTRA National Museum Complex is the most important ethnomuseum institution in Romania. Read More

Christmas Festival in Sibiu

Christmas Festival in Sibiu, one of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe, is a cultural project organized by the Events for Tourism Association, initiated in 2007 by the Office of the Social Attaché of the Embassy of Austria in Romania, Dr. hc Barbara Schöfnagel, in partnership with the Sibiu municipality.

The event has become known in the country and abroad for its breadth, atmosphere and tradition.